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You should advertise on kilobitcoinhomepage.com to support and access the bitcoin community. Positioning yourself on kilobitcoinhomepage.com will cement your status as bitcoin early adopter. Your products and services will be the first thing that come to mind when people think of bitcoin.
Kilobitcoinhomepage.com advertising is self service. Creating an account and logging in will give you access to a campaign manager where you pick your pixels and position and upload your images. After paying for your campaign submit it for publication.
You can create multiple campaigns in your account. On the account landing page, the "Create New Campaign" button will create a new campaign that is separate from your other campaigns.
Your pixels are not being rented, they are owned by you. Once you pay for your pixels, they are yours to advertise with as you wish indefinitely.
Yes! You are not limited to the content you selected after your campaign is initially published. You can change the content in your pixels at any time.
Yes! Because your pixels are yours, you may transfer them to others. We are working on automating this process, but in the meantime please email and we will perform the transfer for you.
Email us at and we will unpublish your campaigns and delete your account

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For users - Earn bitcoin by clicking our sponsor's pixels. Our website is a bitcoin faucet.
For advertisers - You FULLY OWN your pixels. You can change your pixel image and other advertising content at any time.

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