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Kilobitcoinhomepage.com is a "Million Dollar Homepage 2.0" of sorts. It is the same concept with lots of additional features.
Yes, kilobitcoinhomepage.com is a bitcoin faucet.
You can earn bitcoin from our site by clicking on pixels on the home page.
Usually, clicking on a pixel will take you to the related site or show you additional content related to that pixel. Occasionally, a window will pop up notifying you that you have earned bitcoin and prompt you for your wallet address.
Most payments will be in amounts between 100 and 1000 bits. Occasionally, there will be chances to earn more.

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About Us

For users - Earn bitcoin by clicking our sponsor's pixels. Our website is a bitcoin faucet.
For advertisers - You FULLY OWN your pixels. You can change your pixel image and other advertising content at any time.

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