Present and Future Plans
Short and Long Term Plans for the Kilobitcoin Homepage

Present and Future Plans

As the press release starts to flow to the world, people interested in advertising are going to be wondering what they are getting with more detail than just permanent pixel space. To be clear - the goal of this project is to prove to the internet at large that bitcoin is a viable concept worthy of attention. It IS NOT our goal to sell a million pixels. With your support we will provide much more value than "just" some pixels on a web page. We want to be one of your advertising partners.

Here is a brain dump of the plans for the site assuming people do buy pixels:

Faucet: The faucet basics are solid, but it needs some infrastructure built around it. We'll build a site page that shows the faucet payouts. We'll also add a feature that allows campaign owners to deposit BTC on their campaign and dedicate that money to clicks on their campaign. Basically campaign owners will pay users almost directly for clicks/shares/etc.

Mobile: The, and therefore, do not automatically work on mobile. It needs a design for mobile only. If we can close just a few thousand pixels, the highest priority will be designing a version of the site that works on mobile. I have a few ideas, the biggest revolves around opening the faucet for connecting puzzle pieces.

Traffic: There is an advertising budget that will be dipped in to after selling the first 10,000 or so pixels. The focus will be on getting people who still are not yet familiar with bitcoin interested in it. Also part of this will include getting some metrics/reporting in to each campaign so pixel owners can see at a glance how their campaigns are being viewed.

Multimedia: Currently the lightbox only contains static images. In the future pixel owners will be able to add other types of media to their lightbox to make the site more immersive (maybe you'd like to put a game on one of your slides?). The goal is to get to the point where you can embed arbitrary web technologies in your slides.

Expansion: If the kilobitcoin reaches its short term goals, we will provide ways for the pixel owners to decide how expansion and driving traffic happens. Initially we'll communicate via email the ways we are attempting to drive traffic to your pixels, and if the site grows we will provide more structured ways for you to guide and give us feedback on those methods.

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