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Launch date 10/1/15 is a pixel based advertising driven bitcoin faucet. The size of the advertisements are measured in pixels. When hovering over an image another thumbnail image will appear for that business. That image will give insight into what their business is all about. When a user clicks on an image a slide show of images will appear and that will provide more details as to what their business is and what they do. Any of the slideshow images can be clicked to then be taken to that businesses web site.

When users visit the site and click on an image that links to a businesses web site they have a chance to earn bitcoins. Users are selected every day at random to earn bitcoin. The more you click on the better your chance of earning.

In addition to working hard to draw traffic, advertisers will have complete control over their ad campaigns once they've purchased their pixels. They are able to edit their images as frequently as they want. They can also sell or give away their pixels to others. Once they've purchased the real estate, it's theirs to do as they wish (excluding graphic or inappropriate content determined by administrators).

We're an evolving platform, built to facilitate your messaging. When you sign up, will be working to keep users interested in your products and services, and they will be working with advertisers to ensure that a unique strategy is in place to get your message to the users and get the users to your website.

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For users - Earn bitcoin by clicking our sponsor's pixels. Our website is a bitcoin faucet.
For advertisers - You FULLY OWN your pixels. You can change your pixel image and other advertising content at any time.

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