Faucet Automation
The Kilobitcoin Homepage faucet is now automated

Faucet Automation

The Kilobitcoin Homepage faucet is now completely automated thanks to the wonderful service at faucetbox.com. Here is how it works:

The faucet currently opens 8 times per hour. At the top of the Kilobitcoin Homepage a timer is displayed. This gives an idea of how soon before the next time the faucet opens. When the timer gets to 0, it will change to a message that says to click.

When this happens click one of the sponsor pixels. If you are the first person to click a sponsor image after the faucet has been primed you will be shown a payout interface instead of being shown the sponsor's overlay. The payout interface looks similar to this:

When presented with the payout interface, enter your bitcoin wallet addres. If you like, you can also provide an email address, but this is not required. At this time, your payout will be sent to FaucetBOX. FaucetBOX will accumulate your coins for you and send them to the address you specified when your balance reaches the minimum payout threshold or the payout threshold that you have configured for your address. For more information about how FaucetBOX works, including how to check your balance and configure your payout threshold, please read their User FAQ. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Here is some more information to help you understand how the faucet works:

If the timer has reached zero and you want to see the count down to the next opening of the faucet, refresh your browser window.

The timer uses javascript to run, and so can get out of sync quickly. If you switch tabs or windows that you are viewing while the timer is running, it is likely that your computer will deprioritize the javascript timer in the Kilobitcoin Homepage browser window and the timer will drift quite a bit. Refresh your browser window to get a more accurate time.

The faucet does not open at the exact moment the timer reaches 0. It delays anywhere from one to five seconds after the timer reaches 0. So you actually have a better chance of earning by waiting a couple seconds before starting your clicking than clicking exactly when the timer reaches 0.

If you do not earn a payout on your first click, close the sponsor overlay and try again! Sometimes it could be that you clicked before the faucet opened instead of someone else earning the payout.

Do not repeatedly click too fast! To avoid abuse of automated clickers the faucet will ignore any clicks after five clicks per minute and lock you out of the faucet for 60 seconds.

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