Our First Advertiser
Our first advertiser... well, sortof.

Our First Advertiser

We have secured our first advertiser... sortof.

At the beginning of March, we had the great people at Bitcoin PR Buzz do a press release for us. While it was not anything that could be called "wildly sucessful" or anything like that, we are now getting about 20 visitors per day. So using some guides I've found online regarding cold calling, I gave it a try. It didn't result in any sales anyways :/

I didn't reach out to too many people, just a dozen or so. I'd have liked to reached out to more, but I guess in this space its tough to even find out who to contact. One thing is for sure, cold calling is tough.

One company that did respond is Trezor. While they didn't purchase any pixels, they did set up a reseller account for us. So instead of being disappointed I guess I'll count it as a win. I put up a campaign for them with a link that contains the reseller id. I'm actually really happy with how the campaign looks on the home page.

Trezor is a hardware bitcoin wallet. It really is a great product and something the bitcoin space needs. My guess is it is probably the safest way to store bitcoin. From my research, it appears to be the most popular product in this space.

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